“X - in – Loop” Simulation and Testing

”X – in – Loop” can effectively shorten the traditional road test and help autonomous driving enter the fast lane of safety, reliability and mass production.

VCS-Vision Camera Testing and Calibration

Position Optimization of Visual Sensor
Wide range of sizes
Simulation of real lighting condition
Automatic testing process of calibration

VTHILS-Vehicle and Traffic Hardware in Loop Testing

Autonomous vehicle testing and validation in laboratory
Environmental condition simulation of rain/fog/sun
Testing and evaluation for sensors and controller
Efficient, reliable, consistent and repeatable

VaHIL-Vehicle in Loop Testing

Autonomous vehicle testing and validation for control strategy
Autonomous vehicle performance and safety testing on edge cases
New energy vehicle performance and endurance testing

Proving Ground Testing

Evaluation tests of C-NCAP/EURO NCAP
Comprehensive proving ground testing solution
Multiple moving targets set up for complicated test scenarios

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