Headquartered in Suzhou, IAE has R&D and technology centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Detroit and Salzburg. The company gathers forces from top level research institutes, experts and technical resources in the field of autonomous driving in China, France, Germany, Austria and Korea, to jointly build a complete and internationally leading technology platform for simulation, testing and verification of autonomous driving. The company is committed to autonomous driving technology & products development, scenario factory building, software & hardware development, production and integration for simulation & testing systems, laboratory and proving ground design and construction, as well as third-party technical services for autonomous driving simulation & testing.

Relying on solid technical strength together with complete and leading solutions, IAE serves Intelligent and Connective Vehicle industry, helping to accelerate the landing of autonomous driving technology.


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Our Location:

Headquarter:Suzhou · China

Subsidiaries in China:Beijing / Hongkong

R&D and Engineering Offices:Beijing / Shanghai / Hangzhou / Ningbo

Technical Center Europe:Salzburg · Austria

Technical Center North America:Detroit · USA

Representative:Soul · Korea

ICV Technical and Strategic Partners