VCS – Vision Camera Testing and Calibration


System-level hardware-in-the-loop simulation, combined with simulated components allow for real hardware testing. HIL simulation provides a repeatable, secure, flexible and reliable verification environment. Testing of sensors nd main components, human-computer interaction interface, etc. in the virtual scene before performing the next level of testing, and repeat critical scenarios. VCS “Visual system Test Calibration Bench ” is an important tool for camera and image processing technology for the development and camera integration.? It can promote location and calibration parameters of the camera and improve new technology and algorithm such as AVM/ MOD for example.

Main configuration:

  • Real lighting condition simulation
  • Trolley system
  • Comprehensive control software


  • Real lighting condition simulation
  • Classification of lighting conditions (day/night, in/out of tunnel, underground garage, indoor parking lot)
  • Reproduction technique of measured scene light intensity/color temperature
  • Automatic trolley control technology
  • Wide range of sizes, gift covers and SUVs
  • High control accuracy
  • Image synthesis and error correction techniques
  • Measuring image synthesis accuracy
  • Error correction technique
  • Huge standard image database
  • Standard image database based on a?collection of statistical information
  • Complete analysis process and evaluation system
  • Mature standard system for enterprise applications